TLDR: Frontitude does not own your data, nor do we sell it to others. It's your data and we plan to keep it that way. 🤐

It is Frontitude Ltd.’s ("Frontitude," "we", "our" or "us") policy to respect your privacy regarding any information we may collect while operating our service.

This Privacy Policy describes what information we collect, how we use the information and how you can control what you provide us.

Business model

Before we get into the crux of this policy, it is important for us to be open about our business model and how we generate revenue.

Our business model is based on software as a service, where we sell a premium version of Frontitude that includes additional features beyond the free version. The purpose of the free version of Frontitude is to make it easy for anyone to try before they purchase, and we do not rely on the collection of user data or sell it to third parties in any manner.

Therefore, we only collect and process information that is strictly necessary to provide you with a delightful product experience and to maintain and develop the service.

What information is collected

Information you provide us

Frontitude may collect the following personally-identifying information: